The undoing episode 1

Not that well. Between parents and children. Between romantic partners. Between friends. But, come on. How often are we really honest with ourselves, let alone with other people? These questions have been David E. Once again we are entering into the hallowed halls of absurd wealth, with all its accompanying backstabbing and artificial posturing. And, of course, there is a murder to be solved, an investigation that brushes up against the toned shoulders of all the privileged women in this exclusive New York City circle: Who killed the buxom, unsettling Elena Alves Matilda De Angelis?

the undoing episode 1

Therapist Grace and pediatric oncologist Jonathan have all the wealthy NYC signifiers — a gorgeous brownstone, an exposed-brick wall in their kitchen, an array of cast iron pans, although I am not sure either of them seems like the type to cook — and seem to truly adore each other.

His work helping kids fight cancer is more important than anything else in his life, and he has little time for the silly rituals of the upper class, although he is firmly one of them. The same words come up over and over again when people talk to Grace.

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Then her full-on nudity at the gym, and the strangely intimate way Elena asked Grace if she had done something wrong. And finally, their interaction at the fundraiser, with her tears and that kiss in the elevator. Or, I suppose, knew. And putting my sarcasm aside, that scene works here, as it did in Big Little Liesbecause it sets up a number of relationships that will probably be important in episodes to come. Nearly immediately after Elena arrives at the fundraiser — without her husband — she is swarmed by other men; did any of them have something to do with her murder?

Bringing up to Elena that her therapy sessions would be free? Making it clear that she has no interest in talking to Elena just as a friend? Still, one awkward party interaction and one unexpected same-sex kiss do not make one suspect.

A peanut butter sandwich with nothing else on it? They know how much tuition at Reardon costs. They know what Jonathan does, and ask to speak to him too. But Jonathan is nowhere to be found: He told Grace he was going to a medical conference in Cleveland, but his cellphone being shoved in the back of a cluttered drawer is, frankly, suspicious. Where is Jonathan? Who killed Elena? Those two questions will certainly guide The Undoing forward, and if each episode ends on a dramatic cliffhanger, I will not complain!

Namely: In the book, Grace and Jonathan Sachs are non-practicing Jews who are decidedly not rich like all the other parents at Reardon spelled Rearden in the bookand that difference adds some interesting class friction. I know that David E. Must be nice!Welcome to the closest thing we might ever get to season 3 of Big Little Lies!

After exploring the murder-filled drama of wealthy people in Monterey, Calif. Kelley have reunited to explore the murder-filled drama of wealthy people in New York City. Even the opening credits give off major BLL vibes. Let's find out. Directed by Emmy-winner Susanne Bier The Night Managerwho helms all six episodes, the series premiere begins with a young boy going to look for his mother at her art studio, only to walk in and discover something that leaves him with a look of complete horror.

Before revealing what he's seen, the action cuts to two days earlier, a narrative device that has become annoyingly overused in television and film. But this is where we meet the Fraser family, comprised of blunt therapist Grace Kidman, using all of the tricks she learned from her own therapist in BLLcharming oncologist Jonathan Grantand dog-wanting son Henry Noah Jupe. Grace is a do-it-all kind of mom, juggling her practice with helping plan a fundraiser for Henry's Reardon School. While her son Miguel is a student, she's brought along her baby, whom she decides to breastfeed in front of everyone.

The other women all look very uncomfortable, but Grace defends Elena in a call later from Sylvia. She has a similar stance when relaying the story to Jonathan, suggesting maybe they should move out of the New York City bubble, which Grace feels can often be judgmental and isolating. Jonathan doesn't like her being lonely, hence why he joins her in the shower.

You can't say that their sex life isn't thriving. Elsewhere, a quick cut to Elena in bed with her husband Fernando gives an impression of an unhappy marriage. Speaking of Elena, she coincidentally? In the locker room, Elena, feeling very casual in the nude, approaches Grace to say thanks for making her feel welcome. It's unclear if either of them had just been in the steam room but there appears to be some sweltering chemistry between them.

Both women are present that evening for Reardon's "these people have way too much money" fundraiser. Why do I say that? The rich, they're just like us! Following a brief encounter with Grace's big donor dad played by Donald SutherlandGrace and Jonathan are surrounded by the mean moms. They notice Elena, a.

The Undoing Season 1 Episode 1 Review: What Happened to Elena?

Jonathan seems surprised when his wife points out "the nudist," who is currently surrounded by a group of attentive men. Grace and Elena run into each other in the restroom, where Elena seems overtaken with emotions, confessing that she feels overwhelmed and lost. After Grace offers her professional services for free, she follows Elena to the elevator. When Grace grabs her arm, Elena kisses Grace on the lips to thank her. Elena leaves the party, but Grace returns, only for Jonathan to soon thereafter say he got paged to the hospital.

Later, Grace lays in bed, picturing Jonathan providing incredible care and bedside manner for an adorable young child with cancer.

His return home wakes her up.Coming to you fresh from the New York of what feels like roughly years ago at this point, The Undoing dares to ask the age old question that has fascinated pop culture for ages: Are rich people not that nice, and do they have secrets?

This may seem like an oversimplification of the show, but at least in the first episode, this is roughly the level of subtlety going on. The credits sequence literally ends with a bubble being burst. And the most notable item on the checklist is what, exactly, will bring this family crashing down to earth. The elements are teased throughout the episode. At what point does joking about not wanting to engage in the social milieu in which you live curdle into outright contempt for your peers?

That Jonathan is played by Hugh Grant only adds to the suspicion that something dark is lurking within him.

the undoing episode 1

In recent years, Grant has made something of a specialty of turning his tremendous personal charm into malice. What does it say about this marriage and this man that his own wife makes what appears to be an immediate mental jump to murder instead of something far simpler, like an affair?

When Elena impulsively kisses her in an elevator, Grace has a fairly stony reaction.

Episode 1: The Undoing

But Elena is given confusingly little interiority up to that point. Contributor, The A. Lisa is a writer and editor based in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The A. Lisa Weidenfeld. Prev Next View All. Lisa Weidenfeld Posts Twitter. Share This Story. Get our newsletter Subscribe.Hugh Grant, once known for his affable roles as the bumbling male love interest in many romantic comedies, ensured that Jonathan Fraser seemed just this side of a skeevy psychopath. Nicole Kidman's Grace Fraser would do well to consider her own advice when it comes to her missing husband.

The Undoing works hard trying to sell Grace and Jonathan as a happy, healthy married couple. It tries too hard. So when the beautiful Elena goes missing after a strange fixation on Grace, it's not tough to imagine that Jonathan might have been acquainted with the woman. It's interesting that on two HBO shows, I've been fascinated with Nicole Kidman characters and psychological analysis. On Big Little Lies, Kidman played a woman struggling with her part in an abusive marriage.

The counseling sessions she attended were insightful and offered a lot of food for thought not only about the show, but for many women who have fallen for men with a bad boy persona. Grace: Rebecca, I have met few people more discriminating than you. You read a hundred Yelp reviews before choosing someone to install your carpet.

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Am I right? You try on 20 pairs of shoes before making a choice. You do background checks on your hair colorist, you did a background check on me, no doubt. You vet everything. I mean everything. Which is fine. I mean, that's appropriate. Rebecca: But? Grace: But an attractive man comes along and shows an interest in you, and judgment be gone.

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Rebecca: No, that is not what is happening. Grace: I mean, the day that you met Kevin, you floated into this office. It was an appointment that was made to deal with the anguish of husband number two, only to declare that you met husband number three, so I'm saying, it's possible, that you're less of a victim of Kevin's moods than you are of your own. In this case, Grace is a therapist, so Kidman is on a different side of the equation with the character, but the patients she has dealt with so far offer just as much to Grace as they do to her patients.

The premiere worked well within the parameters of the story as it began to unfold. Jonathan is beloved by many. He's practically heroic.Written for Television by David E. Later, news of a tragedy rocks the school community.

Kelley Directed by Susanne Bier On the first day of the trial, the prosecution presents shocking evidence, while the defense casts doubt on the police investigation.

Later, Henry divulges a secret to Grace. Kelley Directed by Susanne Bier Haley walks an ethical tightrope in her defense strategy. As the courtroom theater mounts, Grace takes measures to protect herself and her family.

The Undoing: Episodes. Cast Interviews.

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The cast explores the family dynamics at play with the Frasers. Episode 1. Episode 2. Hugh Grant explores the complexities of his character. Lily Rabe discusses her character's close friendship with Grace. The cast discusses Mendoza's motives. Episode 3. As a new force to be reckoned with, Noma Dumezweni introduces her bold character. Nicole Kidman dissects Grace's emotions and mental state as her world starts to unravel.

Episode 4. The cast discusses the mysterious Fernando and his confrontation with Jonathan. Donald Sutherland speaks to his fiercely stoic character. Noah Jupe explains Henry's motives and emotions in the penultimate episode. Nicole Kidman, Hugh Grant and more take you inside the finale's tense moments.

Season 1 Episode 1 The Undoing. Season 1 Episode 2 The Missing. Weeks Ahead. Season 1 Episode 3 Do No Harm. Ep 3: Preview. Season 1 Episode 4 Do No Harm. Ep 4: Preview. Season 1 Episode 5 Trial by Fury. Ep 5: Preview. Season 1 Episode 6 The Bloody Truth. Ep 6: Preview.Non-MLB Baseball (including Minor League Baseball) - No listed pitchers and all bets are action regardless of who pitches for each team. It is the client's responsibility to ensure they are aware of any relevant pitcher changes.

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the undoing episode 1

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The Undoing Episode 1 Recap

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The Undoing: Episodes

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